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Campbellton city council has added its voice to the growing demand for
Listuguj students to be able to return to Sugarloaf Highschool.

According to the Tribune council passed a motion at its recent meeting
calling on the province to let the hundred plus students go back to school.

Councillor Gilbert Cyr called the provinces rule discriminatory adding you’re
telling the students from the First Nation they are not welcome here.

The motion asks the province to rule education as essential. The move comes
on the heels of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association calling the rule a
violation of constitutional rights.


Darcy Gray says counts and recounts have confirmed he has been renamed the
chief of Listuguj First Nation.

The incumbent Gray defeated former chief Scott Martin Sr. by only two votes
in last weekends election…. 588 to 586.

Gray tells the Tribune the election was close, but officials told him and
Martin counts and recounts had been done that kept coming up with the same

The chief says there was a significant change with half the council shifting
which will make the first priority getting everyone on the same page and
moving forward.


Eel River Dundee has held the line on this year’s budget meaning residents
will see no increase in their property tax or water/sewer rates.

A release from the village says property tax will stay at $1.24/per
one-hundred-dollars assessed with the water and sewer charge remaining at

Rates in the portions of McLeods and Dalhousie Junction included in the
village will also remain unchanged.

Acting Mayor Mario Pelletier says the budget will allow them to continue to
prosper and improve the municipality.


The Higgs Government has released second-quarter financial results showing a
projected deficit of $183.3-million dollars for the current fiscal year.

That compares to an estimated surplus of $92.4-million predicted in the March
budget before the Pandemic hit. Revenues are projected to be $40.3-million
lower than expected, while expenses will be $235.5-million higher. Most of
the extra spending will be offset by federal revenue from the Safe Restart
Agreement and other COVID relief programs.


The final arguments in the Matthew Raymond trial was postponed yesterday
until Monday.

Officials say the time will allow lawyers to further work on their closing
arguments while giving the judge time to finalize his jury instructions.

Raymond has admitted to shooting Donnie Robichaud, Bobbie Lee Wright and
Fredericton constables Sara Burns and Robb Costello in Fredericton in 2018,
but plead not guilty on account of mental illness.

His lawyers argue he was not criminally responsible saying Raymond was
delusional at the time of shootings thinking he was killing demons trying to
hurt him.


One new case of Covid-19 is being reported in New Brunswick.

Public Health says the new case is related to travel outside the Atlantic
bubble and involves an individual in their thirties in the Saint John region.

It’s the first new case reported in the province in three days.

Public Health also officially declared the outbreak at Moncton Manior Notre
Dame long term care home over after going 28 days without a positive test at
the facility.

The news isn’t nearly as good elsewhere, as Canada set a new daily record of
infections for the third time in a week with 4981 new cases… the number of
active cases has climbed above 45-thousand.