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According to the Tribune, Campbellton will undergo a downtown revitalization

Some of the challenges to be dealt with include buildings that are vacant or
poorly maintained, empty lots, lack of accessibility not only to buildings
but on the sidewalks themselves, and inadequate linkage between the three
main downtown streets.


Madawaska Restigouche MP Rene Arsenault will be holding a pair of town hall
meetings to get ideas from you about the local and national economy.

The first one is tonight (Mon) at seven in Eel River Dundee; and at the same
time tomorrow (Tuesday) in Kedgwick.



New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs will meet by December with other provinces
opposed to the Trudeau Liberals contentious carbon tax.

The Daily Gleaner says Higgs has already been talking to anti-carbon tax
champion Ontario Premier Doug Ford.

Higgs added that taxes on fuel are higher than Nova Scotia so that truckers
pass through New Brunswick and fuel-up elsewhere.


The Cities of New Brunswick Association is critical of the recently announced
rate increase for WorkSafe-NB premiums.

The association calls the jump from one-dollar and 70 cents per 100 dollars
of payroll in 2018, to two-dollars and 92 cents in 2019, “staggering.”

For Saint John, Moncton, and Fredericton, the rate increase will hit them
with a sudden one-million dollar bill next year.

It’s the third year in a row that WorkSafe-NB has increased its rate.


NB/MIR-Striped bass fishery

The Eel Ground First Nation is conducting the first commercial fishery for
striped bass in 20 years, which is being noticed in other parts of the
country and the U-S.

The bass have been crowding out salmon in the Miramichi, so DFO granted a
licence to the First Nation to conduct a commercial fishery. Joseph Nagle,
purchasing and sales manager at a Boston wholesaler, told CBC the first
shipment of 1,800 pounds of striped bass sold out in the first day.

EEl Grown First Nation is being allowed to take 25,000 striped bass this fall.


NB/O’Ree inducted                     (Gleaner

The newest inductees into the Hockey Hall of Fame were honoured last night.

They included goaltender Martin Brodeur, scoring whiz Martin St. Louis, Jayna
Hefford who won seven gold medals as a member of Team Canada’s women’s team
and NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman. But Bettman says his reaction on getting
the call was “Did Willie get in?”…and yes he did.

Willie O’Ree of Fredericton was honoured 61 years after he became the first
black player in the NHL. Bettman told the Gleaner O’Ree is the real
deal…among the most genuine people he’s ever met and everything that they
try to define hockey values by.