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Sobeys in Campbellton has put its rebranding on hold for the immediate future
due to the pandemic.

The store was scheduled to be switched over to the IGA brand this spring
making it easier for the company to supply the store from its Quebec

Officials with Sobeys tell the Tribune the store will still be switched to an
IGA, but they have decided to delay the conversion and reassess in the Fall.

Manager Marcel Savoie stated earlier, although the store would be stocked
from Quebec it will still continue to carry the local products it does now.


The doctor at the heart of the COVID-19 outbreak in the Campbellton region
last May is facing a charge under the provincial Emergency Measures Act.

According to CBC Dr. Jean Robert Ngola will appear in court October 26th
under the section of the act for alleged failure to comply with a direction,
order or requirement.

Ngola who traveled to Quebec without isolating on his return has disputed
the fact that he was patient zero in the outbreak that claimed two lives and
forced the region back into the orange phase of recovery.

His lawyer Joël Etienne says the charge is tantamount to a traffic ticket and
is being done as a political tactic ahead of a possible provincial election.


The woman injured at the mud bog event outside of Bathurst this weekend has
been identified as 20-year-old Desiree Isaac-Pictou from Eel River Bar First

According to the Tribune Issac-Pictou was in the crowd at the Turkey Town Mud
Bog in Clifton when one of the vehicles left the track and struck her.

Eel River Bar Chief Sacha Labillois-Kennedy says Issac-Pictou was taken to
Chaleur Regional Hospital with serious injuries and she has not woken up yet.

RCMP have only said an investigation into the accident is ongoing.


New Brunswick is headed to the polls in the midst of a pandemic.

Premier Blaine Higgs emerged from a meeting with Lt.Gov Brenda Murphy to
announce he was calling an election for September 14th, less than  two years
after his Progressive Conservatives won minority status.

Higgs made the decision after talks late last week failed to produce the all
party pledge Higgs was seeking to keep his minority government in power
through the end of its term.

The Liberals walked out of those talks after leader Kevin Vickers, likened
the situation to having a gun pointed at their heads.

None of the other parties had been indicating any intentions to bring the
government down  – and all three opposition leaders have strongly spoken out
against holding an election.

It will be the first provincial election to be held in Canada since the
outset of the pandemic.

NB-Opposition reaction

Liberal Leader Kevin Vickers pointed out to reporters that confusion over the
legal authority to postpone an election once called is another example of why
holding an election now is a mistake and shows irresponsibility on the
Premier’s part.

People’s Alliance Leader Kris Austin is predicting his party will increase
its representation and urged voters to make sure no party wins a clear
majority. Austin says minority government is good government.

Green Party Leader David Coon rejected any idea of a deal with the NDP not to
run candidates in ridings where the other party is strong, saying the Greens
will have candidates in all 49 ridings.


A pair of forest fires in the Miramichi area have been brought under control.

A spokesperson for the Natural Respources Department tells CBC that crews
were on site yesterday dealing with hotspots.

The two fires, in Hell’s Gate and Barti-bougue had together burned about 75
hectres of forest.

Meanwhile crews were hoping some wet weather would help get a third major
fire near Chipman under control.

Its’ been a near record year for forest fires in the province,  with over
1200 hectres burned so far this summer. That’s over four times the annual


Jury selection got underway yesterday for the fitness hearing for Matthew
Raymond with four jurors being chosen.

Raymond is facing four counts of first degree murder  in the Fredericton
shootings that killed two police officers and two civilians in 2018.

It will be the first jury chosen in Canada since the COVID-19 pandemic began
resulting in a makeshift courtroom built in the Fredericton Convention Centre
to allow for social distancing.

That jury will then be tasked with first determining if Raymond is mentally
fit to stand trial… if they do make that decision he will then proceed to
trial on September 15th