October 23, 2020 | by:

REMINDER: Deadline for NB property assessment disputes Nov. 2

The Government of New Brunswick is remaindering residents that you only have until November 2 to dispute your property assessment before receiving your bill!

Earlier this month, residents in the province would have received their property tax assessment (which isn’t a bill) to review.  The Government says that if you have any issues with the assessed value, you need to contact them.

“…If you don’t agree, or have questions, call us 1-888-762-8600. You have until the end of October to file a Request for Review”

If the assessed value looks right to you, then you don’t need to do anything until it comes time to pay the tax.

If you are looking to submit a Request for Review, you can visit www.myNBpropertyassessment.ca

Here’s a sample of what the assessment will look like: