October 13, 2020 | by:

See Mars at it’s brightest tomorrow night!

Talk about a fun family activity or the perfect date night under the evening sky. . .tomorrow you’re going to be able to take in Mars at it’s brightest.

Mars reached its closest point to Earth on Oct. 6, at a mere 62 million kilometers, relatively close when you think that the planet can be as far away as 400 million kilometers. . .BUT  the real fun is going to be this Wednesday, when the planet will be in opposition – meaning the planet will be at a point where Earth lies directly between it and the sun, and it will be at its brightest.

The best conditions to take in the planet are under clear night skies!

The only thing you need to enjoy it is clear skies. If you want a close-up view, binoculars are good, but not necessary. However, with a clear sky and a telescope, viewers will be able to see some amazing surface details and polar ice caps.

Mars reaches opposition around 8:20 p.m. AT on Wednesday. Because of this, it rises just as the sun sets.

definitely something to take in tomorrow evening!!