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Today’s Reason to Celebrate – May 15

Here’s a reason to celebrate today…


Chocolate chips are in dozens of delicious baked goods—chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chip pancakes, chocolate chip muffins, chocolate chip brownies, chocolate chip bagels, and many more. You can even find chili recipes that call for these sweet morsels!

In the 1930s, Ruth Graves Wakefield created the original chocolate chip cookie at her Toll House Inn in Whitman, Massachusetts.

She wanted to bake chocolate cookies for her guests, but ran out of baker’s chocolate.

She substituted with chopped up semi-sweet chocolate morsels and discovered that the pieces did not melt into the dough as she expected. Her cookies were an instant hit.

Chocolate chip cookies are my favourite.

Today also National Pizza party day…oh boy the pounds are just going to pack on aren’t they?!

SOURCE: National Day Calendar